3 in 1 Diversity Training & Team Building in Tuscany

Our training combined with a unique, all-inclusive cultural experience in Italy

After a long period of working from home, it's time to have fun together and enjoy the sunshine! (Re)connect to your colleagues and address inclusion and diversity through a unique cultural experience. Learn with our interactive diversity training in the Tuscan hills and build your cultural competency while bonding with your colleagues in a culturally rich and relaxing environment.

The diversity training is custom-made to your needs, the exercises are designed to strengthen your team. The arrangement is all-inclusive including wine tasting and a complete culinary journey of the local Italian cuisine.

Town in Tuscany

Diversity training

Curiosity and open-mindedness towards different cultures creates a work environment where every human being can feel authentic, connected and safe to share. Our training helps you be aware of the impact of a multicultural environment on your everyday work and strategy. You will be able to understand, analyse and resolve cultural conflicts, manage cultural challenges and unleash individual cultural expression, allowing truly unique ideas and solutions to be born.

Team building

Immersed in a carefree and beautiful environment, you will have interactive exercises and lively discussions. The activities aim to highlight your differences and turn them into the teams' strength and unique advantage.

  • Our training is interactive and builds upon exercises, each other's stories, opinions and experiences
  • You will learn how to deal with cultural differences as a team

Cultural experience

Pasta, pizza, wine and nature! Our location is in the Mugello area of Tuscany, which is a highly inspirational and culturally unique environment. The area is famous for its natural beauty and traditional meals with locally produces ingredients. Through our traditional accomodation, culinary arrangements and our team's involvement you will have a complete change of scenery and a deep cultural experience in a friendly and relaxed environment.

  • All-inclusive cultural and culinary experience with accommodation in a traditional Tuscan palazzo, breakfast, lunch and dinner made from the best local ingredients
  • Wine tasting by one of the best known wine makers in the region
Two hands holding a ball of dough

For whom

For teams and colleagues who want to learn about cultural differences, conflict resolution and how to turn differences in opinions to their advantage. By "teams" we mean people who collaborate on a daily basis, but also a group of executives who work together to create a better international strategy, or any other group of people with the same goals.

Programme details

Day 0

Arrival in Mugello in the evening, where we await you with a welcome drink at the accomodation, followed by dinner.

Day 1

The next morning starts with breakfast at the accomodation. After breakfast we will pick you up to go to the training location, where we will do the morning programme. Afterward we can go for a walk around the property to clear our minds in the hills. Lunch consists of a selection of Tuscan midday specialties, buffet style. In the afternoon we will do the second part of the training programme.

After the training day there will be some time to refresh at the accomodation. In the evening we will make pizzas together in a wood fired oven.

Day 2

The third day, which is the second day of training, follows the same program as the previous day. In the evening we will go for a traditional Tuscan dinner and wine tasting, hosted by one of Mugello's famous wine makers.

Day 3

Breakfast at the accomodation and check-out.

Download the flyer

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Registration for 2022 is currently closed. We will update this page as soon as new dates become available.


The training takes place in the Mugello valley in the Florence region of Tuscany, Italy.

Mugello is rich in nature and threaded with hiking and cycling tracks. The area consists of a string of characteristic little towns dating back to the middle ages. With its high hills, lush forests and exceptional local produce and cuisine it is a bit of a hidden gem within the famous Tuscany region. Its traditional Tuscan architecture and the breathtaking views of the Appenine mountain range make for an environment you won't easily forget.

The exact locations for the accomodation and the training will be announced upon registration, as they depend on availability.

How to get there

Mugello is about an hour's drive from Bologna and Firenze (Florence) airports. Pisa airport is also within driving distance. We expect participants to arrange their own transportation to and from Mugello. Upon arrival, we will take care of transportation within the area (from the accomodation to the training location, to the restaurant, etc.).

Hills in Tuscany


The prices below include the training, accommodation for three nights, local meals (three dinners, two lunches and three breakfasts) and wine tasting.

For a team of 3 to 5 people:€ 9000
For a team of 6 to 8 people:€ 11000
For a team of 9 to 10 people:€ 13000

Upon completing the training you will get a certificate and a badge to share on LinkedIn.

How to register

Registration for 2022 is currently closed. We will update this page as soon as new dates become available. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.


Upon registration we will do an intake, which will consist of two things. First, we would like to hear from you which goals you would like to achieve or which challenges you're dealing with, so as to best tune the training to your needs. Second, we need some personal details, such as dietary preferences, allergies, etc. All your data will be handled according to GDPR. By registering you agree to the terms and conditions that apply to this training.