Human Connection©

Mindful Generation's Human Connection© is an innovative diversity training and management framework, with which individuals, teams and organisations can build cultural competency and turn diversity into their advantage.


The fact that the world is becoming more globalised needs no further introduction. It is becoming increasingly common for organisations and teams to span multiple cultures. Business decisions that drive companies into a more global direction usually rest on solid economic reasoning. However, the human quality is often not considered in equal measure. We can't simply put people with different cultural backgrounds in one team and expect things to work automatically.

The Human Connection© philosophy recognises the human aspect of every single interaction and business process. It's the people and the interactions who make an organisation, its culture, and its success. Therefore, at Mindful Generation, even when we're looking at high-level business strategies, we regard the human connection as the essential building block on which everything else rests.

Cultural awareness: Understanding your own culture and how it shapes your behaviour, as well as recognising the nuances of another person's culture


Cultural competency is an inherently intangible concept. Moverover, it's huge and potentially controversial. That's why Mindful Generation breaks down the concept of cultural competency into tangible steps, with immediately applicable actions for each.

1. Increase awareness

Awareness of cultural differences allows us to be more objective and less biased.

2. Make assumptions visible

Making assumptions visible reduces the potential for conflict, and allows us to understand the values behind certain behavior.

3. Alignment

All cultural manifestations are a result of the universal basic needs: connection and authenticity. When we understand these needs and how they result in wildly different cultures, we see that a window for solutions and opportunities is beginning to open.

4. Give air

By appreciating individual talent and cultural expression, we create psychological safety and a unique and creative environment.

5. Find alternatives

We won't always agree on everything. In those cases we acknowledge the different views and find alternative solutions to compensate each other.

6. Accelerate

Having built cultural competency, we understand that the cultural diversity around you is a valuable asset, which you can purposefully employ.