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We believe that curiosity and open-mindedness towards different cultures creates a work environment where every human being can feel authentic, connected and safe to share. Our purpose is to help you build cultural competency so you can manage cultural challenges and unleash individual cultural expression, allowing truly unique ideas and solutions to be born. We developed the Human Connection© framework to achieve this.

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Melinda Meszaros

Melinda Meszaros

Founder and Coach

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The most important revelation for me throughout the cultural awareness training was: this is more connected to business than I ever would have let myself imagine. I come from an art background, currently working in tech, so looking at things from a different perspective is a given. Now, I am also much more explicit and even bold when it comes to using this knowledge, as I received a framework I can use at all times and the ability to analyse and act based upon it.
The Mindful Generation training was a true journey of self-exploration and discovery. I was quickly able to utilise and integrate all of my new found understanding of my own core beliefs. A wonderful course run by an excellent coach.

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Diversity Training Tier I

Basic training

For anybody who wants to invest in their cultural competency

No prior training or specific knowledge is required

One day on location or two half days remotely

Max. 12 participants

Diversity Training Tier II

In-depth training

For people who manage in a multicultural environment, who want to expand their cultural competency, and who want to understand the distinction between national and organisational culture

Tier I is strongly recommended as a prerequisite

One day on location or two half days remotely

Max. 12 participants

Diversity Coaching

Personalized one-on-one coaching

For those who would like to deepen their cultural competency through a personal journey, regardless of their current competency level

No prior training or specific knowledge is required

Number of sessions and format (online or offline) by agreement

One-on-one tailor-made coaching

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